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Drummed Asphalt Decanting Equipment Drummed Asphalt Decanting Equipment Drummed Asphalt Decanting Equipment

Specially designed to decant and heat up drummed asphalt, the drummed asphalt decanting equipment mainly consists of main body, hot oil heater, asphalt pump assembly and filtering system. This equipment was firstly developed and manufactured by our company in the world in 1978 and the patent no. is 95245105.0.

Main Technical Specification
Model DT3 DT6 DT8
Productivity (t/h) 3-4 6-8 8-10
Asphalt Temp.( ℃) 120-140 120-140 120-140
Number of Drums per Batch 20 32 44
Thermal Capacity of Hot Oil Heater(kcal/h) 30×104 50×104 60×104
Thermal Oil Temp. (℃) 200-240 200-240 200-240
Volume of Asphalt Reservoirs (L) 9000 14000 18000
Total Power (kW) 36 38 38
Total Weight (t) 17 22 28
Overall Dimensions of Main Body (L×W×H) (mm) 8000×1750×2560 9050×2550×2560 12000×2550×2560
Overall Dimensions of Hot Oil Heater 4500×1700×2300 5000×1700×2300 5500×1700×2300

Main Performance
Using the waste gas (320-450℃) emitted from the heat-conducting oil furnace, the drummed asphalt decanting equipment can thoroughly decant asphalt out of the drum and ensure minimum waste of asphalt. It can decant up to 44 barrels of drummed asphalt per batch per hour. Equipped with asphalt filtering system, this equipment can perfectly filter the impurities in asphalt and guarantee quality of asphalt.

Due to the adoption of waste gas for heating and the fully enclosed operation, the drummed asphalt decanting equipment can save 50% energy compared with the open decanting. Equipped with automatic-control and hot oil indirectly heating system, this equipment is convenient and safe to operate. In addition, the enclosed structure means little pollution to the environment.

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