Liquid Asphalt Tanker

Equipped with automatic-control heating and heat-preserving system, the liquid asphalt tanker is specially designed to transport hot liquid asphalt and other sticky materials. There are two types available: truck-mounted type (including truck chassis) and semi-trailer type. This equipment was firstly developed and manufactured by our company in China and the patent no. is ZL93208055.3.

Main Technical Specification
Type Model Truck Chassis Tank Capacity (m3) Max. Total Weight(t) Asphalt Pump Output (t/h) Heat Capacity of Burner (kcal/h) Average Temp. Drop (℃/h) Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm)
Truck-mounted DGL5160GLY10 4*2 10 16 50 18×104 ≤1 8000×2500×3300
DGL5255GLQ 6*4 16 25 50 18×104 ≤1 9660×2500×3340
DGL5250GLY20 6*4 20 25 50 18×104 ≤1 10000×2500×3340
DGL5310GLY24 8*4 24 31 50 18×104 ≤1 11400×2500×3340
DGL5310GLY32 8*4 32 31 50 18×104 ≤1 12000×2500×3600
Semi-trailer DGL9350GLY25 / 25 35 / 18×104 ≤1 9050×2500×3700
DGL9350GLY30 30 35 / 2×18×104 ≤1 11000×2500×3700
DGL9400GLY35 35 40 / 2×18×104 ≤1 12400×2500×3700
DGL9400GLY40 40 40 / 2×18×104 ≤1 12700×2500×3780

Main Performance
The liquid asphalt tanker is equipped with asphalt pumping system, facilitating loading and unloading of asphalt. A special conducting oil system is adopted to heat and insulate the asphalt pump and valve. Driven by hydraulic system, the asphalt pump and conducting oil pump transmits reliably and are convenient to operate. In addition, this liquid asphalt tanker is equipped with liquid level gauge and overfilling warning system, which facilitates control of the liquid level of asphalt inside the tank.

We are a liquid asphalt tanker manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including asphalt modified plant, asphalt spraying equipment, asphalt transport equipment, asphalt pavement maintenance equipment, and more.

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