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The self-designed DGT900 ultrathin asphalt paver is a professional equipment for the preventive maintenance of highway asphalt pavement. It can pave ultrathin asphalt layer for road maintenance, and can work as a normal paver. The integrated function of modified bitumen emulsion spraying system makes it more excellent.

Main Features
1. The asphalt paver is equipped with engine, power divider, hydraulic pump, valve and motor. It features of high reliability and high working stability.
2. Adopts hydraulic track crawling system, which makes this paver with steady moving, high paving speed, and wide speed-adjusting range.
3. Unique auger system and iron plate design can prevent the material stacking and achieve the road surface with high flatness and density.
4. Equipped with powerful electrical heating system, iron plate and vibrorammer, the asphalt in this asphalt paving equipment can be heated up immediately.
5. The bitumen emulsion spraying module adopts pulse-type spraying way, which has wide adjusting range. The spraying system adopts electrical and thermal oil heating techniques, it can be heated quickly and avoid the blockage of nozzle and pipeline.

Advantage of Ultrathin Paving Technology
1. Renews the surface of road.
2. The service life of ultrathin asphalt concrete wearing layer reaches 8-10 years.
3. The wearing layer surface is rough that can increase the skid resistance of wheels.
4. With low noisy, good water permeability, so the road surface after paving it by our ultrathin asphalt paver which can reduce the water mist in the rainy day, and improve visibility.
5. The wearing layer comes with 2cm thickness, it can extend the road service life after paving it on the old asphalt pavement.
6. It has the short construction cycle, the traffic will be recovered after only 20 minutes which needs to pave the road.

Technical Parameters
Technical Spec. Unit Value
Model   DGT900
Overall Dimensions mm 6300×3000×3800
Max. Weight kg 22000
Engine Power kW/r 142/2000 (Deutz)
Rated RPM r/min 1800
Ultrathin Paving Width m 6
Paving Width m 9
Max. Paving Speed m/min 24
Moving Speed km/h 4.5
Hopper Volume kg 15000
Productivity t/h 800
Max. Paving Thickness mm 300
Transport Width m 3
Emulsion Spraying Rate kg/m2 0.2 ~ 1.5
Spraying Pressure bar 3
Max. Allowed Slope ° 10
Max. Allowed Lateral Tilt ° 14
Approach Angle ° 15.6
Departure Angle ° 14
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