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FS2500 binding agent spreader is mainly used for spreading cement in the road rehabilitation or reconstruction under cold-recycling technology, as well as spreading various soil stabilizing binders and other power materials. The binding agent spreader is an ideal equipment for the cold recycling road construction, and also a special equipment for the stabilization of subgrade soils, so that it is applied to the road and municipal construction works.

This powder spreader is suitable for spreading binding agent, such as cement, lime, and coal ash, and so on.

Main Features
1. Binding agents can be fed in the loading hole and manhole.
2. Uses automatic controlling system, the spreading rate per square meter will not change according to the spreader speed.
3. This cement spreader is equipped with a bag filter to protect environments.
4. The dust cover is used to avoid dust during spreading process.
5. The silo arch breaker is used for preventing the bulk material from jamming, bridging, and compacting.
6. The metering system is no need to reset. It only needs to input the material spreading parameters.
7. Rotating speed can be controlled by screw feeder and material distributing roll, the feeding and metering accuracy is guaranteed.
8. A new type of material distributing roll with metering function is adopted to spread the powder agents, and which comes with uniform spreading effect.
9. Only one truck driver is needed in the cab to finish operation during the whole process.
10. This lime spreader can be equipped with automatic and manual batching systems. 11. An empty and overfilling alarm is available in the process of feeding and spreading binding agent.
12. Main working parameters can be record and displayed at any time.

Technical Parameters
Model FS2500 (Euro III) DGL5250TFS—164 (Euro IV)
Truck Chassis SAG6×4 Spreading density (kg/ ㎡ ) 5 ~ 40
Container capacity ( ㎡ ) 16 Engine power (Kw) 221
Spreading width (mm) 500 ~ 2500 Working speed (km/h) 2.6
Maximum total mass (kg) 2500 Maximum travel speed (km/h) 99
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 9090×2500×3320
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