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DK1800 self-propelled road broader is a kind of specially designed right side road paver, which is mainly used for paving basic materials and asphalt mixture to widen the asphalt pavement, township roads and village road.

Main Features
1. Strong power and reliable steering mechanism ensure the paver working on bumpy roads.
2. The belt conveyor capacity can be adjusted continuously to meet different width requirements.
3. This road widener can be used for paving clay, gravel, and asphalt mixtures.
4. The paving width can be changed quickly to adapt to the changes of road width.
5. The scraper mechanism is adjustable, which can be used for the road construction along the kerbstone with different widths.
6. The angle of scraper mechanism is adjustable, so that the roadside paver can be applied to the different road camber.
7. Two-shift transmission is designed in the driving system, which is enabled the flexible adjusting between working speed and driving speed.
8. This self-propelled road widener is equipped with full hydraulic steering system. 9. Static hydraulic brake and built-in drive axle brake are adopted for ensuring the safety and reliability of braking system.
10. Telescopic drive roller can match with a variety of dump trucks.
11. Side control panel is provided with wide field of view and safety operation.
12. Less labor is required, so our road paver can reduce the construction cost.

Technical Parameters
Model DK1800 Working Width (m) 0.4~1.8
Working Depth (mm) +250~-150 (the road surface is 0) Working Speed (m/min) 0~50
Travel ling Speed (km/h) 0~14.2 Conveyor Max. Productivity (t/h) 300
Loading Ramp Angle (°) 10 Push Roller Extendable Distance (mm) 450
Hopper Capacity (m³) 1.8 Total Weight (kg) 6150
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 5420×3000×2520 Engine Power (kW) 60
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