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Asphalt Emulsion Plant

The asphalt emulsion plant is specially designed to produce asphalt emulsion and modified asphalt emulsion. An acid-resistant lining-fluorine centrifugal pump is adopted as the emulsion pump, which has a long service life. The rotation speed of asphalt pump and emulsion pump is controlled by the frequency control system, which is accurate and highly efficient. All emulsion pipelines, valves and tank body use corrosion-resistant stainless steel, effectively preventing corrosion of the emulsion tubes. The emulsion flowmeter can directly and accurately display flow quantity value. In addition, the asphalt emulsion plant adopts modular structure, which is easy to move and assemble.

Main Technical Specification
Productivity (t/h) 4 to 6 4 to 6 10 to 15
Asphalt heating tank (m3) 4 4 /
Emulsion pre-mixing tank (m3) / / 5.3
Emulsion tank (m3) 1.8×2 1.8×2 4.5×2
Water heating tank (m3) / / 5.3
Additives tank (m3) (optional) / / 1.2×4
Heat exchange area of heat exchanger (m2) / / 18
Control mode Frequency control PLC PLC
Milling fineness <5 μm (85% or more) <5 μm (85% or more) <5 μm (85% or more)
Residual asphalt content (%) 40 to 60 40 to 60 40 to 70
Total power (kW) 46 46 105
Total weight (t) 6 6 10
Overall dimensions of the main body (L×W×H) (mm) 5800×2200×2500 5800×2200×2500 12200×2450×2900

There are three models available: GLR6A, GLR6B and GLR10.

Main Performance
With similar structure, the GLR6A and GLR6B asphalt emulsion plants use semi-automatic and manual control system and can run continuously. They are mainly composed of one asphalt heating tank, two emulsion pre-mixing tanks with agitators, colloid mill, asphalt pumps, emulsion pump, control cabinet and pedestal.

The GLR10 asphalt emulsion plant is mainly made up of water heating tank, one emulsion pre-mixing tank, two emulsion tanks, colloid mill, four intermediate bulk containers for emulsifier, modifier, other additives, asphalt pumps, emulsion pump, control cabinet, etc. The equipped high-precision electronic weighing system guarantees accurate materials proportioning. Due to the adoption of automatic control system, the production process can be conducted automatically and the production records can be checked out at any time.

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Other Products
  • Multifunctional Modified Asphalt Plant Used to produce polymer modified asphalt and crumb rubber modified asphalt, the multifunctional modified asphalt plant is composed of main body, asphalt heating tank, rotary feeder, hot oil heater and control room. The main body mainly consists of pre-mixing tank, reaction tank (two), colloid mill, electronic weighing system, etc. All tanks are equipped with high-efficiency hot oil heating coils.
  • Mobile Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant Specially designed to produce crumb rubber modified asphalt (asphalt rubber-AR), the mobile asphalt rubber blending plant consists of two main components: a mobile mixing unit and a mobile reaction tank. The former is used to initially mix ground rubber with hot asphalt, while the latter agitates and stores the mixture.