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DGL5163TYH-054asphalt pavement maintenance machine is researched and developed for satisfying the road maintenance requirement. It is mainly applied to paving and repairing road surface on the highway.

It is composed of truck chassis, hydraulic system, asphalt mixture bin, combustion system, asphalt spraying system, controlling system, vibratory roller, etc.

The asphalt pavement maintenance equipment can realize the heat preservation for hot-mixed asphalt mixture during transportation, furthermore, it can heat up the cold asphalt mixture to the temperature of 140~160℃ and also keep the heat preservation, so that our machine can meet the technical request of asphalt mixture under for a long distance transportation and construction. Our product is equipped with asphalt heating and spraying device, the heating device is independently controlled, which can be separately heated at anytime according to construction requirement. The asphalt mixture bin is used for mixing and heating the materials, which can heat uniformly and completely. This asphalt paver also can be used to spray the asphalt emulsion or hot asphalt on the bottom of the chuckholes which can improve the bonding strength, vibratory roller is used to compact the pavement.

Main Features
1. The asphalt pavement maintenance truck has the advantages of high heating efficiency, energy saving and environment protection.
2. The hot-mixed asphalt (HMA) can be heated up during traveling, so that it can improve the work efficiency.
3. Features of insulation structure, our pavement maintenance equipment can realize completely uniformity heating.
4. Our road building machinery can finish paving and repairing work on the road surface.
5. Equipped with asphalt heating and spraying system.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameter Unit Standard Value
1 Model DGL5163TYH-054
2 Truck chassis DFLB1160BX4
3 Mixing tank capacity m3 5
4 HMA heating temperature 140 ~ 160
5 Asphalt tank capacity L 190
6 Asphalt heating temperature 145 ~ 160
7 Mixture heating time h 4 ~ 6
8 HMA thermal insulation performance (temperature drop each hour) ℃/ h ≤4
9 HMA discharging speed L/min 80
10 Power of engine kW 155
11 Overall dimension mm 7610 × 2480 × 3200
12 Diesel generating set power kW 5.5
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