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Multifunctional Modified Asphalt Plant Multifunctional Modified Asphalt Plant Multifunctional Modified Asphalt Plant Multifunctional Modified Asphalt Plant

Used to produce polymer modified asphalt and crumb rubber modified asphalt, the multifunctional modified asphalt plant is composed of main body, asphalt heating tank, rotary feeder, hot oil heater and control room. The main body mainly consists of pre-mixing tank, reaction tank (two), colloid mill, electronic weighing system, etc. All tanks are equipped with high-efficiency hot oil heating coils.

Main Technical Specification
Model LGS-15 LGS-20 LGS-30
Max. Productivity (t/h) 15 20 30
Precision of weighing system (%) ±5 ±5 ±5
Heat capacity of hot oil heater (kcal/h) 80×104 80×104 120×104
Milling fineness(μm) <5 <5 <5
Total power (kW) 245 265 305
Total weight (t) 42 42 51
Overall dimensions of the main body (L×W×H) (mm) 12350×2800×3100 12350×2800×3100 13000×2800×3120

Main Performance
The multifunctional modified asphalt plant is applicable to multiple modifiers, such as SBS, EVA, PE, etc. The ratio of the modifier and asphalt can be set according to users' needs in real time. The electronic weighing system adopts decrement weighing method, which ensures accurate material ratio. Due to the adoption of a unique internal and external pipeline feeding mode, modifiers distribute uniformly in asphalt, which saves mixing time. The longitudinal and transverse flow-guiding device inside the pre-mixing tank and reaction tanks ensures the modifier can be fully mixed with the asphalt, reducing power consumption and increasing productivity. Beside, the modification process is automatically controlled and the production record can be checked at any time.

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Other Products
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  • Asphalt Emulsion Plant The asphalt emulsion plant is specially designed to produce asphalt emulsion and modified asphalt emulsion. An acid-resistant lining-fluorine centrifugal pump is adopted as the emulsion pump, which has a long service life. The rotation speed of asphalt pump and emulsion pump is controlled by the frequency control system, which is accurate and highly efficient.