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Mobile Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant Mobile Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant Mobile Asphalt Rubber Blending Plant

Specially designed to produce crumb rubber modified asphalt (asphalt rubber-AR), the mobile asphalt rubber blending plant consists of two main components: a mobile mixing unit and a mobile reaction tank. The former is used to initially mix ground rubber with hot asphalt, while the latter agitates and stores the mixture.

Main Technical Specification
Model ARGS-15
Productivity (t/h) 12 to 15
Generator Power (kW) 2 ×64
Reaction Tank (m3) 35
Overall Dimensions of the Mixing Unit (L ×W ×H) (mm) 11800 ×2500 ×3600
Overall Dimensions of the Reaction Tank (L ×W ×H) (mm) 12500 ×2500 ×3800

Main Performance
The mixing unit mainly consists of asphalt heating tank, additives feeding and metering system, crumb rubber hopper with rotary feeder and load cells, mixing tank with high-shear mixer, burner and hot oil heating system, pneumatic system, asphalt pumping and metering system, AR pumping system, control system, generators, etc.

The reaction tank of the mobile asphalt rubber blending plant is mainly made up of four vertical agitators, burner and hot oil heating system, AR pumping system, control box, etc.

The adopted high-quality frequency converter can accurately control and meter the quantity of asphalt, crumb rubber and additives, ensuring precise materials proportion. High-speed blender is adopted by the pre-mixing tank to mix and shear materials. The liquid-level detection device inside the tank can automatically adjust the liquid level. The asphalt heating tank adopts an advanced auto-ignition diesel burner, which is able to heat asphalt to the required temperature quickly. The reaction tank is equipped with four high-efficiency agitators which can conduct forced circulation and mixing of the crumb rubber modified asphalt, promoting reaction of asphalt and crumb rubber and ensuring uniform mixture without segregation. In addition, all asphalt pipelines of the mobile asphalt rubber blending plant are equipped with hot oil heating jacket for heat preservation, which greatly reduces power consumption.

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