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TGJ500 is a newly developed crack sealing machine with trailer-mounted structure. This asphalt crack sealer adopts the technology of pressure sealing without slotting. Compared with the traditional technology that with slotting, our product has incomparable technical advantage.

Main Features
1. Our asphalt crack repair machine uses modified asphalt or sealant for crack sealing.
2. This pavement preservation equipment equips with two pieces of crack sealing gun, which can do the sealing work simultaneously and improve the sealing efficiency.
3. The asphalt crack sealing machine has the advantages of road closure time is short, less operators, less sealant, and lower cost.
4. The crack sealing gun and spraying nozzles are designed with heating function to avoid blockage.
5. The crack sealing gun is designed with self-cleaning function to blow back the residue sealant into the tank after sealing.
6. The crack sealer is equipped with high-pressure air jet gun to clean up the dust hidden inside of the cracks.

Technical Parameters
Model TGJ500B TGJ500C TGJ500D
Name Self-propelled Towing type Truck mounted
Engine power (kW) 33(Yucai) 33(Yucai) 33(Yucai)
Asphalt tank capacity (L) 500 500 500
Working weight (kg) 3500 3400 3000
Max. travel speed (km/h) Traction: 30 30 /
Self-propelled: 4
Traction height (mm) 650 ~ 1050, Height can be adjusted by level 410 ~ 730, Height can be adjusted by level /
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (mm) 4900x2115x1870 4900x2115x1870 3950x1350x1610
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