Chip Spreader

The chip spreader is specially designed to spread aggregate in road construction. There are three models available: SS4000 Self-propelled Chip Spreader, SS3000C Pull-type Chip Spreader and XS3000B Lift-type Chip Spreader.

Chip Spreader Chip Spreader

A. SS4000 Self-propelled Chip Spreader
With large spreading amount, the SS4000 self-propelled chip spreader can meet the requirements of various aggregate spreading and is particularly suitable for continuous construction within a large area. It is mainly composed of engine, frame, power train, receiving hopper, spread hopper with auger and spread roll, conveyor belts, operating platform, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, computer control system, monitoring system, hydraulic hitch, etc.

Specifications of the SS4000 Self-propelled Chip Spreader
Model SS4000
Max. Spread Width (mm) 4000
Working Speed (km/h) 2.5 to 5
Travel Speed (km/h) 5.6 to 23
Max. Application Rate (L/m2) 22
Min. Application Rate (L/m2) 2
Aggregate Size (mm) 3 to 30
Conveyor Belt Speed (r/min) 100
Rotation Speed of Auger (r/min) 42
Rotation Speed of Spread Roll (r/min) 42
Main Gate Opening (mm) 30 45 60 75 90
Volume of Spread Hopper (m3) 1.5
Volume of Receiving Hopper (m3) 2.8
Total Weight (t) 12.5
Overall Dimensions (transportation) (L×W×H)(mm) 7270×2860×2700
Overall Dimensions (working) (L×W×H)(mm) 7660×4240×3660
Overall Dimensions of Spread Hopper (L×W×H)(mm) 4240×940×1340

During working, the truck backs the spreader, hitches the chip spreader automatically, raises the dump bed and opens the tail gate. Then stones flow into the receiving hopper where they are picked up by two conveyor belts. The conveyor belts transfer the material to the spread hopper which is equipped with a series of radial gates that are readily adjusted to the desired spread width. While the spread hopper is loaded, the self-propelled chip spreader is started and pulls the truck behind it.

Opening of the main gate and the speed of the chip spreader is controlled by a computer and operator of the chip spreader has a clear view to ensure an even longitudinal joint.

When the truck is empty, it is released by the operator. Another truck then attaches itself to the self-propelled chip spreader and dumps its load while the chip spreader keeps spreading.

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