Power Brooms

Power Brooms Power Brooms

The power brooms are used to clean dirt and debris from pavement surface before spraying asphalt binder. It is made up of tractor, PTO system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, rolling brush, etc. Hydraulic lift system is adopted to control the rolling brush up and down. Horizontal angle of the rolling brush is adjusted by an air cylinder, so the dust can be broomed to the roadside.

Specifications of the Power Brooms
Model QS1500
Rated Power of Tractor Engine (kW) 18
Brooms Width (mm) 1500
Rotation Speed of Brush (r/min) 250 to 280
Working Speed (km/h) 0 to 10
Travel Speed (km/h) 0 to 35
Total Weight (t) 12.6
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 3373×1735×1660

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