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  • Intelligent Asphalt DistributorChina, the intelligent asphalt distributor is specially designed to accurately distribute various asphalt materials, such as hot asphalt, asphalt emulsion, modified asphalt, asphalt rubber, etc. It is mainly composed of truck chassis, insulated asphalt tank, computer control spraying system, automatic control heating system, asphalt circulating and pumping system, hot oil heating and circulating system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system ...
  • Synchronous Chip SealerThe synchronous chip sealer is able to spray asphalt binder and spread aggregate synchronously. It can also spray asphalt binder and spread aggregate separately. The asphalt binder and aggregate are brought into contact with the road surface within one second, thus resulting in maximum adhesive performance. This equipment is very suitable for the construction and maintenance of main road, urban road and rural road.
  • Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing PaverA slurry seal (or micro-surfacing) is a cold mixture of asphalt emulsion (or polymer modified asphalt emulsion), graded aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives. Used for preventive maintenance of various asphalt pavements, the slurry seal and micro surfacing paver can not only repair surface defects of the existing pavement but also increase the carrying capacity of the road surface.
  • Asphalt Pavement Maintenance MachineSpecially designed to patch potholes on asphalt pavement, the Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Machine is able to complete all pothole patching jobs, including pothole cutting, air purge and cleaning, spraying asphalt binder, hot mix filling and compacting. The equipment mainly consists of truck chassis, power system, hydraulic system, hot mix hopper, heating system, asphalt spraying system, mini vibratory roller, control system, etc.
  • Asphalt Pavement Cold In-place RecyclerEquipped with highly efficient injection systems and powerful milling and mixing rotors, our asphalt pavement cold in-place recycler was specially designed for CIR pavement rehabilitation. When cold recycling in-situ, the cold recycler mills and granulates the existing pavement materials and mixes binding agents and water at the same time.
  • Chip SpreaderThe chip spreader is specially designed to spread aggregate in road construction. There are three models available: SS4000 Self-propelled Chip Spreader, SS3000C Pull-type Chip Spreader and XS3000B Lift-type Chip Spreader.
  • Power BroomsThe power brooms are used to clean dirt and debris from pavement surface before spraying asphalt binder. It is made up of tractor, PTO system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, rolling brush, etc. Hydraulic lift system is adopted to control the rolling brush up and down. Horizontal angle of the rolling brush is adjusted by an air cylinder, so the dust can be broomed to the roadside.
  • Handcart Type Asphalt Emulsion SprayerThe handcart type asphalt emulsion sprayer is used to spray asphalt emulsion in pavement pothole repairing and other small pavement maintenance works.

Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Equipment

The asphalt pavement maintenance equipment mainly applies to the preventive maintenance, routine maintenance and overhaul maintenance of the asphalt pavement, such as synchronous asphalt chip seal, slurry seal, pothole patching, cold in-place recycling, etc. This equipment has been exported to over 40 countries, including Mozambique, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc.

Dagang is a China-based asphalt pavement maintenance equipment manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as synchronous chip sealer, handcart type asphalt emulsion sprayer, intelligent asphalt distributor, and drummed asphalt decanting equipment.

Other Products
  • Drummed Asphalt Decanting EquipmentSpecially designed to decant and heat up drummed asphalt, the drummed asphalt decanting equipment mainly consists of main body, hot oil heater, asphalt pump assembly and filtering system. This equipment was firstly developed and manufactured by our company in the world in 1978 and the patent no. is 95245105.0.
  • Liquid Asphalt TankerThe liquid asphalt tanker is equipped with asphalt pumping system, facilitating loading and unloading of asphalt. A special conducting oil system is adopted to heat and insulate the asphalt pump and valve. Driven by hydraulic system, the asphalt pump and conducting oil pump transmits reliably and are convenient to operate. In addition, this liquid asphalt tanker is equipped with liquid level gauge and overfilling warning system ...